Sunday, February 26, 2012

How Can Herbs Treat Stress

Stress can have an unbalancing effect upon the body, which can cause moderate to severe changes in our normal bodily function. Whether stress is acute or chronic we experience several symptoms, which affect not only our mind but our body as well. Acute stress causes symptoms of increased heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, agitation, irritability, lack of concentration, moodiness, inability to think and many more. Most of these symptoms will dissipate once the stress subsides however, if stress continues then these symptoms can progress causing mental and physical problems such as depression, obesity, cancer, heart disease, withdrawal and anxiety. The body can only protect itself for so long causing an irregular imbalance of chemicals and hormones within our system. Eventually our immune system can no longer stave off infection or disease. Herbs can strengthen the immune system and reduce the ill effects of stress and eliminate depression and anxiety. Read more....

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